”Pizzamakarna” means ”the married couple who make pizzas together” or ”the Pizza-makers”. We are Vivi and Victor Hallström and we love food and each other. Especially, we love wood-oven pizzas ”semi-neapolitan style”. Pizzamakarna are situated in Igelfors, in the Swedish countryside, in the county of Östergötland. Pizzamakarna is a small bistro-restaurant that was formerly an old shop from the 1870s until 1977. We use ecological flour from a local water-driven mill, Hävla kvarn, and we use ecologically grown vegetables from gardens nearby.

We are entitled to serve alcoholic beverages, so that you may enjoy a glass of nature-wine or a local drafted beer along with your food. Camper-vans and mobile homes are welcome to stay in our garden. There are some places to stay nearby, – give us a call and we guide you. For instance you may try ”farm-stay” at Björke Norrgård https://www.bjorkenorrgard.se/.

The pizzeria-bistro is open on Saturdays in every other week in 2020. Currently, we only do pre-bookings. If you have any questions about reservations don’t hesitate to contact us on +46763215845.

Here are some examples from our menu. We change the menus every week according to the availability of seasonal Swedish produce.


Swedish charcuterie and cheese platter 140 / 170 for two people
Our selection of the best we can find in Sweden and Italy


Tomato sauce / Mozzarella / fresh basil / sweet tomatoes /
/ olive-oil / black pepper /                                                                               130 

Mrs Alströmer
(the wife of the guy who introduced potatoes in Sweden in the 16th Century)
/ creme fraiche / Västerbottens-cheese / buttered thin potatoes /
caramellized onions / black pepper / chives /                                                               140

Hejtorp (a small goats-milk-dairy-farm nearby)
Creme fraiche / Mozzarella / Hejtorps Aged Goatscheese / walnuts / ruccola /
honey from Sjöfallet in Grytgöl /                                             140

Prosten Otto (Prosciutto)
Homemade tomatosauce / Mozzarella / red onion/ Swedish prosciutto-ham from Marsvinsholm / ruccola / sweet tomatoes / parmigiano reggiano /     155                           
La X (Salmon)
Creme fraiche / Mozzarella / smoked salmon / red onion / lumpfish roe / Västerbottens-cheese flakes / dill / Julita lemon-rapeseed-oil /                                                               155

Ham and cheese
Tomatoe-sauce / ham /cheese / 130


Salmon platter
Smoked salmon / fresh potatoes with dill / lemon-mayonnaise / mini cucumber and salted cucumbers from Brinks / seasonal pickled vegetables /              130



Homemade ice-cream , flavour of the week 
Dessert-pizza Ciao Apple  (3-6 persons)
Vanilla custard / cinnamon-fried-apples / honey-crust / almond-crisp /                  130 / lemonzest / (vanilla ice-cream if preferred)